The Puget Sound Chapter maintains its excellence through the efforts of its members. Jump in to help! Review the main opportunities below and contact the Operations, Vice President for more information. The emails for each VP can be found on the Contact page or simply send an email to Volunteers@pugetsoundpmi.org. There are many positions available in each core area:

General Chapter - Contact President

  • Nominating committee for the incoming board members and create the annual report. Posting of Chapter minutes and documents for the Chapter members.

Administration - Contact VP OPerations

  • A great chance to work with the other Teams and Board Members! At the moment, we are looking for folks to assist with the Annual Chapter Charter Renewal, planning and hosting the Volunteer of the year event and much more.
  • We are the interface between the PMI chapter, Business and Education institutions. Teams work for the promotion of PMI and project management to Education providers and businesses. Guiding you thought the Registered Education Provider process. Assisting with finding qualified PMP instructors or course developers. Help establishing student chapters or the Puget Sound Chapter of PMI, as well as speaking about PMI.
  • Volunteer Coordination: Are you good at organizing data or recruiting volunteers and helping to place them? Here is a chance to put those skills to work, matching volunteers with positions. Build a spreadsheet or database of volunteer names, availability, talent, and positions. Help recruit volunteers and match them to open positions. We recruit volunteers for all the others teams. Tell us what you want to do and or skill set and we will match you to the right group.

Finance and Reports - Contact VP Finance
Currently being revised.

Marketing - Contact VP Marketing Communications and Technology

  • Marketing, Communications and Technology. This team manages the email blasts weekly, social media, the website, the networking events, Project of the year competition, and the Annual Member Appreciation Event.
  • A great opportunity to share a small part of your time while promoting PMI. We are looking for folks to assist with contacting publications or organizations that would be willing to advertise who we are and what we do. We need people who can create our email blasts, connect on social media, create advertisements, or work with the other teams creating promotional collateral, newsletters, and announcements for special events.
  • Put those technical skills to work. If you know HTML and have some experience with Web Design or just want to help out with the Web site, send us a note! Get involved!
  • Do you love to write, partner with the other teams to write content for the emails and website for all events. We have lots of opportunities for creative marketing and public relations team members

Membership - Contact VP Membership

  • Help lead and manage the PSPMI mentoring program.
  • Help the membership committee with our Cares program (providing PM services and guidance to non-profit organizations).
  • Help the membership committee with our Ambassador program (acting as chapter liaison with leading Puget Sound companies).
  • Team members also needed to help welcome new members into the chapter and assist with general membership activities.

Sponsorship - Contact VP Sponsorships

  • Are good at raising funds, approaching corporations for support? This is a great opportunity for those who like to get challenged. We need a few good team members who can raise money for the charity gala, get in kind goods and get sponsors for all our events.

Professional Development & Certification - Contact VP Education

  • Certification: The Chapter offers Project Management Professional (PMP®) Certification Examination Reviews and other professional development offerings.  Volunteers are needed to help organize these programs.
  • Professional Development Oversight Committee Volunteer membership involves attendance at a monthly meeting (by telecon or person) and helps to set topics for the quarterly events based on survey feedback. This is an oversight committee. Some committee members choose to become more involved in one or more of the quarterly events in more involved roles.
  • Professional Development Venue Volunteer is the key person that negotiates and coordinates with the event venue host. This person must be a member of the Professional Development Oversight Committee and is heavily involved with all of the quarterly events. Typically, the venue has been the Doubletree Hotel at the airport or Red Lion Inn in Bellevue. Other venues can be considered but the key to this position is developing a long-term working and trusting relationship with the venue staff to get the best value for the fee, to set early expectations for the events, and document lessons learned after each event to share with the Professional Development Committee. This position requires attendance at the monthly Oversight Committee meetings.
  • Professional Development Presenter / Vendor Coordination Volunteers are key persons that negotiate and coordinate with the presenters and/or vendors that participate in the events. Typically, presenters may need travel expense reimbursements and per diem and/or a stipend. Involvement required is dependent on the event but is usually heavy during the planning and implementation phases of the respective event of which a subcommittee will be formed. These volunteers may wish to be involved with only one event or multiple depending on their preference. Attendance at the Event Subcommittee meetings is needed during the planning and implementation phases of the respective event.
  • Professional Development Logistics Volunteers are key persons that ensure that the programs, registration, technology equipment, and schedule evolves smoothly throughout the event . This involves some advance involvement to understand expectations but the real meat of the involvement is the actual day of the event. Attendance at the Event Subcommittee meetings is needed during the planning and implementation phases of the event. 

Programs - Contact VP Programs

  • AV Setup Chairman/Committee: needs to attend most chapter meetings.Duties: Setup the projector and microphone in each room for chapter meetings. Ensure all the components are repacked in travel cases. Training provided.
    Time required: a few minutes before, between and after meetings
    PDU's: Five PDU's per calendar year
  • Speaker Selection Chairman/Committee: Ideal for those who can't attend all the chapter meetings. Here's the chance to make a difference by selecting potential speakers for the chapter meetings and seminars. Duties: Review and select the two potential speakers per chapter meeting Identify local potential backup speakers Interview and evaluate potential speakers
    Time required: on-going, 2-4 hours per month
    PDU's: Five PDU's per calendar year
  • Hotel/Event Coordinator: Should regularly attend the chapter meetings.
    Duties: Be single point of contact for hotel, dinner and speaker reservations. Review contacts and report compliance and quality.
    Time required: on-going, 1-2 hours per month
    PDU's: Five PDU's per calendar year