Officers, Roles & Responsibilities

Below is a listing of the Officer Position job descriptions. Elections are held each spring, and the transition of officers occurs each July 1st. Elections for the following offices will be held on odd numbered years: President, Vice President Membership and Community, Vice President Operations, and Vice President Programs. Elections for remaining board positions will be held on even numbered years: Vice President Finance, Vice President Marketing and Communications and Vice President Education.

President – 2 year term (automatically rolls to Past President at end of term) (Elected in Odd Years)
- Chief executive officer for the Puget Sound Chapter and of the Board, and shall perform such duties as are customary for presiding officers 
- Must have served on the Puget Sound Chapter Board in a Board position for at least one full term of office 

Vice President Operations – 2 year term (Elected in Odd Years)
- Maintain Chapter Policies, Governance guidelines and Bylaws.
- Manage volunteer engagement with the Chapter.
- Organize and keep BoD meeting records.

Vice President Membership & Community – 2 year term (Elected in Odd Years)
- Manage all member and non-profit and community relations.

Vice President Programs – 2 year term (Elected in Odd Years)
- Delivering regular educational and social events
- Planning and producing Annual Business Meeting

Vice President Finance – 2 year term (Elected in Even Years)
- Responsible for maintaining Chapter financial accounts and issuing checks
- Prepare consolidated budget each year
- Prepare and maintain Chapter financial records, including monthly financial report to the Board and yearly financial report to the Chapter
- Prepare and file tax and other business related filings each year

Vice President Marketing – 2 year term (Elected in Odd numbered years)
- Assist in maintaining Chapter website
- Lead social media efforts
- Maintain event registration pages

Vice President Communications – 2 year term (Elected in Even numbered years)
- Impart and exchange information and news with members, sponsors, and partners.
- Develop, implement, and regularly update the communication strategy, policy, goals, and objectives
- Communicate about the chapter and its activities to members and the community using email, surveys, newsletters, web postings, etc.
- Consult and collaborate with all members of the board to coordinate the communication needs of the chapter and assist in presentation creation and adherence to PMI writing style guidelines.
- Lead the development, production, and release of all chapter newsletters and communications to members and the community

Vice President Technology – 2 year term (Elected in Even numbered years)
- Supervise Chapter Technology Stack
- Maintain and Improve Chapter Website
- Manage Website Content

Vice President Education – 2 year term (Elected in Even Years)
- Plan and deliver professional development programs for members of the Puget Sound Chapter
- Plan and deliver certification workshops
- Ensure PMI certification workshops reflect the latest version of the associated standard

Vice President Sponsorship – 2 year term (Elected in Even Years)
- Create and offer partnership benefits and levels of engagement
- Engage with corporations to cultivate partnerships