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 Chapter Login  How do I receive a Chapter Login? When you register for chapter membership through PMI Corporate, you will automatically receive a welcome notice from the local chapter. This notice will arrive within 1 month of registering with PMI Corporate. 
Forgotten Password for chapter site  How do I retrieve my forgotten password The PSPMI website uses the same login credentials as  If you have forgotten your PMI login credentials, you may go to to reset.
Change your address I have recently changed jobs. How do I change my address to home, instead of the old work address? To update your records, you must update through PMI® International at Once updated at PMI Corporate, your address will automatically get updated on the chapter site within 48-72 hours. 
Join PMI® Do I have to join PMI® International to join the chapter? Yes, chapter members must belong to PMI® International.
  Do I have to join the chapter to join PMI® International? A PMI® International member does not have to be a Chapter member. Chapter members do receive a discount on the monthly membership meeting cost.
  Do any companies have memberships? Company Membership is no longer offered.
  How do I become a member of PMI® and the Puget Sound Chapter?


See the Membership section of this site for more information or
You can also contact our VP Membership.

  I belong to a different chapter. How can I get more information about your organization?

Extensive information and the application form can be found on

  I have been studying for the PMI® and would like to apply for the exam as well as join PMI®. Can I do both at the same time? Yes, the PMP® application is on the Web site along with Certification information at
  What are the differences between belonging to the local chapter versus belonging to the national organization? You must join PMI® International to be a chapter member. You may choose to also join the local Chapter, thereby receiving local news and meeting/event information as well as International.
Member Records I need to validate my involvement in PMI® activities, but I don't have any records. Does the chapter keep records? The chapter keeps registration records for the year.
Networking I like to network with people in other organizations doing similar things. How do I find these people within the Puget Sound Chapter? Network with chapter members by attending monthly meetings and and other chapter events. Contact [email protected]
Request for Information I am new to the area and would very much like to get involved with your chapter. Who do I contact?

Contact the VP Membership

Community of Practice What are COPs?

For more information

Transfer Chapter Membership I am a current PMI® member who recently moved away from the Puget Sound Area. How do I change my chapter membership to my new chapter? Contact PMI® International, through their Web site at in the PMI Members Area
  I am a current PMI® member who recently moved to the Puget Sound Area. How do I change my chapter membership to Puget Sound Chapter? Contact PMI® International, at -through their Web site at  in the PMI Members Area


Verify Chapter Membership I joined the Puget Sound Chapter of PMI®. What is the next step I need to do in order to start being active? Attend meetings, workshops, and consider volunteering. See the Event Calendar for upcoming events including Chapter Meetings, Professional Development, and Corporate Services. Contact the VP Membership.
  I receive email from PMI® headquarters, but have yet to receive any mail or email from the local chapter. My local dues are paid. How do I get on the local chapter distribution? Subscribe to announcements or special interest groups in your profile in your local chapter website or send email to [email protected]
  Does the national chapter notify you that I have joined? Yes.
Volunteer Opportunities I'm interested in volunteer opportunity with Puget Sound Chapter of PMI. Who do I contact? Volunteer opportunities can be found by contacting [email protected]