Ambassador Program


The Ambassador Program is an activity of Puget Sound PMI chapter which provides a communication channel between organizations in the Puget Sound and the local chapter. The Program was developed to increase corporate involvement in the chapter while also providing a conduit where members will promote the chapter activities and can learn from other like-minded professionals. The Program is based on the principle that project management is an essential discipline and profession for successful enterprises and that PMI can assist regional organizations in understanding, promoting and reaping the benefits of applying project management principles and standards.

The Program seeks to create a group of advocates who promote project management, rigor, discipline and thought process at all levels of leadership within local business, education and government organizations. Total time commitment for this role is estimated at 2 – 4 hours a month.


“To promote project management rigor, discipline and thought process at all levels of organizational leadership within the organizations of Puget Sound locale”


  • Local organizations view the PS PMI Chapter as leaders in project management discipline

  • The PS PMI Chapter will be recognized as the leading resource that provides support, education, methodology and networking opportunities for project managers

Benefits to Organizations

Organizations sponsoring Ambassadors have an internal community for their project managers. They benefit from the results of the Ambassadors’ participation in quarterly workshops, informal mentoring by other Ambassadors, notifications of special events, direct access to the Chapter Board of Directors for internal presentations, education by the Ambassadors regarding Chapter services, and recognition on the Chapter website. Organizations will be able to influence the direction of PS PMI via their active ambassadors.

Benefits to Ambassadors

  1. Receive PDUs for your volunteer efforts – Ambassadors earn PDUs in Committee Service Category 5 (5 PDUs per full year of service up to a maximum of 20 PDUs for category 5 during a three year cycle)

  2. Help solve your organization’s PM needs with resources from the chapter’s 2500+ members

  3. Visibility in your organization as a recognized PMI Puget Sound Chapter leader with access.

Volunteer Engagement

A number of you have already expressed interest in becoming an Ambassador. These individuals will be contacted via email to reconfirm interest.

If you would like to become involved, or want more information, please reach out to: [email protected]