CONNECT 2021: Supply Chain, Management and Technology Conference


May 13, 2021 | 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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May 13-14, 2021  |  Virtual Event

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Featured Speakers


Lora Cecere

Founder, Supply Chain Insights

Lora Cecere is the founder of the research firm Supply Chain Insights. Founded in February 2012, the company is helping supply chain leaders pave new directions in supply chain management. Lora is a frequent contributor to Forbes, a LinkedIn INfluencer with over 320,000 followers, and the author of two books and the Supply Chain Shaman blog read by 15,000 supply chain leaders. As an enterprise strategist, Lora focuses on the changing face of enterprise technologies. Her research is designed for the early adopter seeking first mover advantage.


Chad Smith

Co-Founder and Partner,
Demand Driven Institute

Chad Smith is Co-founder and Partner at the Demand Driven Institute, the global authority in Demand Driven education, training, certification, and compliance. Chad is the author or co-author of five books on material requirements planning and the demand driven enterprise. Before DDI, Chad Co-founded Constraints Management Group (CMG) in 1997, a services and technology company specializing in demand-driven manufacturing, materials and project management systems for mid-range and large manufacturers. Chad is also a certified expert in all disciplines of the Theory of Constraints studying directly under the tutelage of the late Dr. Eli Goldratt.


Sam Kaplan

Author of Challenging China
Director Center of Excellence for Global Trade & Supply Chain Management

Sam is the director of the Center of Excellence for Global Trade and Supply Chain Management, which connects industry and education in Washington around workforce development issues. The Center maintains data on the industry, including how many jobs, where they’re located and the average wage; organizes a Follow the Supply Chain Study Abroad program; and has worked with colleges around the state on global trade and logistics curriculum. The Center also produced a Virtual Textbook Chapter on Following the Supply Chain to be used by business courses. Sam also publishes the weekly newsletter, International Need to Know and has recently written a book, Challenging China: Smart Strategies for Dealing with China in the Xi Jinping Era that will be published by Tuttle Publishing on April 6th.


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