PNODN and PS-PMI Present: Liberating Structures: An Introduction


February 26, 2021 | 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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This training will be conducted live via Zoom.

Workshop is intended for all skill levels.

Liberating Structures is an emerging methodology for organizing interactions and group processes inspired by complexity science, or complexity emergence. It brings a system of order that allows creative chaos to thrive. Liberating Structures is at first glance a set of tools for facilitating groups, and at a longer stare, a way of life. In the two-hour workshop you will:

  • Learn the design philosophy of Liberating Structures.
  • Learn about complexity science.
  • Explore conventional organizing structures and understand how Liberating Structures differs.
  • Discover the intention behind Liberating Structures.
  • Experience 4 of the 33 core methods.


Desired Outcomes:

  • Learn about new methods and structures that you can use in your own practice.
  • Learn how to design your own structures.
  • Appreciate and understand the nuance and design of Liberating Structures.


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Online registration closes two days prior to the training. We encourage pre-registration to allow the instructor to prepare for the training.

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About Your Facilitator

Justin Navetski is an experienced conflict specialist.

His degree focused on organizational psychology and group dynamics. He has designed and led workshops with the co-developer of Liberating Structures and other leaders in the community.

Justin’s ambition is to build sustainable systems that grow and change alongside the environment. His guiding philosophy is that systems originate and delineate in and from the individual. To develop a sustainable system, you need to develop a sustainable individual; a person who values personal growth and strives towards those ends.

You will find Justin provocative, thoughtful, and articulate. He wants you to find and master your personal power, as he does the same. Justin enjoys and thrives when participating, designing, and leading among communities and friends.

You will not find him social media; he is best contacted at: [email protected]



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