Free Webinar - Building an Intentional Career with Meaningful and Fulfilling Roles


January 07, 2021 | 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
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This webinar is designed for anyone who is looking:
  • to make their next career move, which could be a company, role or industry change
  • to uplevel their career — this could mean a higher level or title, but it could also mean they’re looking for a role with a bigger scope or specific niche
  • for a more fulfilling and meaningful role



Many of us have had an organic career — we take jobs that are presented to us by recruiters, managers, and colleagues. We accept them because we’re flattered, ready for a change, or afraid we’ll miss out on an opportunity of a lifetime. Sometimes they turn out to be fantastic jobs; other times they are lackluster at best. A series of the latter kind can lead to a mid-career crisis — we question what we’re doing and how we got here. 

Thankfully, there’s a better way: an intentional career. It’s one where you take control and create opportunities that are aligned to your goals, experience, strengths and interests. It leads to a series of dream jobs — ones that you love and thrive in. 

In this webinar, I’ll cover how to lay the foundation for an intentional career and successful job search, including: 

  • Establishing a growth mindset 
  • Creating your new story and intentional goals
  • Building a target company and role list
  • Creating 360° alignment 
  • Strategically networking to get the interviews you want 
I’ll also share best practices from hundreds of clients who have successfully landed their dream job. 


Presenter Bio: Julie Chase


I am the co-founder and head job coach of Dream Job Catcher. We help high caliber leaders define their next strategic career move and land jobs you’ll love and thrive in. 

I have an extensive background in B2B tech marketing for over 20 years — leading high performing teams at Fortune 500 companies, high growth businesses, and startups. 

While I loved marketing, my true passion was in building, leading, and managing high performing teams. I found my joy in helping others define and achieve their career goals. So I took a big leap of faith, left the tech world, and created Dream Job Catcher. 

I help leaders build on their successful careers by defining and achieving their next career goal — ensuring alignment between goals, experience, strengths, and passions. I help instill a growth mindset, gain confidence, and inspire action.

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