PSPMI'S Got Talent!


December 13, 2020 | 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM
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Why attend? The virtual Zoom webinar will be a fun-filled event! Jam-packed with holiday cheers, laughter, socializing, entertainment, and celebration! This will be a blended interactive event with live hosts, curated videos, holiday special, and voting via Zoom webinar polling to award the top 3 video submissions. You and your guests are invited to attend. The theme is “PSPMI Got Talent! 2020” where members only can submit their videos to get a chance to win the contest with cash valued prizes. 

For PSPMI member’s only to participate in the video submission and contest. If you would like to become a member, you can sign up here

Video submission details: Video submission is from PSPMI members only. You are required to submit your PSPMI member #. You are encouraged to submit a holiday message to share or submit a video to compete in contest for cash valued prizes. You can do both! Don’t be shy, get your phone camera video, or computer camera video or get out that camcorder to record your talent! The required video format for submission is .mp4.

Contest video*: The talent show content video shall be a minimum of (1 minute) and maximum (3 minutes) long. **These videos will compete against other member videos through voting and the participant will have a chance to win cash valued prizes.

Video ideas*: Wish a holiday message , Personal resume video , Tell a story, Paint a Picture , Create a Tik-Tok video , Recite a Famous Speech , Perform a Magic Act , Glowing Stick-man Dance Routine , Stand-up Comedy , Create a Skit, Perform a Dance , Do a Step Routine , Cheer-leading , Fold Towel Animals , Sidewalk Chalk Drawing , Slam-Poetry Reading , Rap Improv , Card-houses , Beatbox , Sing Acapella , Create a dress out of duct-tape , Put on a Runway Show , Fruit Carving , Decorating a Cake , Synchronized Swimming Routine , Show off your DJ skills , Hula-hooping , Sing in a different language , Do a Ventriloquist Act , Puppet show , Jump-rope tricks , Gymnastics Routine , Breakdance , Hand-clapping Routine , A Historical skit with costumes , Shadow Dancing , Bike Riding Routine , Create an interactive Science Project , Be a mime , Yoga stances , Face-painting , Code a Video Game , Whistle a tune , Imitate a Famous Person , Yo-Yo Tricks , Karate , Skateboard Tricks , Ballet Dance , Lip-sync your Favorite Song , Juggling Act , Pogo Stick Tricks , Build the tallest tower, or any other creative talent you have.

Prizes - Grand prize: $250 gift card 1st runner up: $100 gift card 2nd runner up: $100 gift card

Alternatively, if you wish to submit a video but don't feel like being in the contest, here is another way to participate:

Holiday message video: The short video holiday message shall be a minimum of (30 seconds) and maximum (1 minute) long. *There will be no voting on these videos and no cash awards on these videos. The videos will be used in marketing and showcased in a video collage at the main event.

All video submission deadline: Monday, November 30, 2020

Instructions: To submit your video, please use the link below to fill out the form and drop your video in the OneDrive.

Video submission and form

*The contest videos are subject to voting and the contestants are competing for a chance for cash valued prizes. The video submission ideas must be PG-13 and in good taste to showcase your talents.

Event Date: Sunday, December 13, 2020

Time: 5:30pm-7:30pm

Details about how to join the Zoom Webinar will be sent prior to the event.

To attend the December 13th event, you’ll need to register by pressing REGISTER NOW.

Notice of Photography and Liability Waiver:

Notice of Photography and Liability Waiver: By signing up or entering a Project Management Institute, Puget Sound Chapter (PSPMI) event or program, you agree to a Photography and Liability Waiver. Read the full Notice here.

Register now for this free virtual event! Last day to register will be Friday, Dec 11th. Once registered, access info will be sent to you in advance of the event.


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