PS-PMI and PNODN Present: Major Project (or Initiative) Planning Session - PART 1


September 18, 2020 | 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
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This training will be conducted live via Zoom. The zoom meeting details will be sent out 24hr prior to the training.

As a young Organization Development (OD) professional, Chris Crosby worked with a research and design group that was struggling to complete projects that launch new products. The business unit was at risk of losing market share.

Chris had just learned a project planning process created by Robert P Crosby and used it to help them successfully deliver six projects (up from zero the previous year). To this day the VP of Research and Design claims the process was “the” reason they were successful.

Come join PNODN board of directors, members, volunteers, and other practitioners, students, leaders, and managers as Chris Crosby leads us through the very process he used to turn around those failing projects.

We will learn the process as we apply it to what needs to be done to meet PNODN’s goals toward building a thriving community of practitioners and other leaders who understand, value, and use OD in their work.

This process is best used for major cross functional projects and initiatives. It integrates the socio-technical components of projects and has been used in countless organizations often leading to unheard-of business results and huge increases in morale. Socio-technical components include how to:

1) Link people together who work in different departments, cities, or countries and

2) Gain clarity of task components, decision making, and sponsorship as defined in Chris’ book, Strategic Organizational Alignment.

Project timelines are often created with little interaction with the people who will complete the tasks. During this process we will create a timeline with all involved in the change.

During this three-part series participants will learn:

  • A step-by-step process to organize, analyze, plan, and align any project or initiative.
  • How to recognize and integrate the Macro elements and socio-technical components needed to ensure project success.
  • How to facilitate conversations for task sequencing clarity to expose and resolve cross-functional issues.


Each participant will also receive "Chapter 5 - Major Project or Initiative" and accompanying appendices from Chris’ book Strategic Engagement Volume II which outline and explain the process.

The Three Part Series:

This is a three part series event! Come to one, come to all. Part three is complimentary for those who attend Part 1 or Part 2. Thank you for helping us achieve our goals!

Part 1 - September 18th

  • Project set up and initial analysis
  • Clarify goals and timeline
  • Use structured brainstorming to develop theme or problem areas
  • Analyze barriers to success


Part 2 - September 25th

  • Learn from each group and generate potential actions
  • Use a structured process to share and integrate learning from each theme or problem area
  • Use structured brainstorming to generate actions
  • Identify decision stuck points


Part 3 - October 16th

  • Clarify actions and solidify the plan
  • Clarify task components and single points of accountability
  • Create a timeline for each theme or problem area
  • Create a communications plan to include those not in the room


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Online registration closes two days prior to the training. We encourage pre-registration to allow the instructor to prepare for the training. Space is limited, walkins at the door will only be accepted if there is availability.   Earn 2 Technical PDU's and 1 Leadership PDU.


About Your Instructor

Chris Crosby is the President of the Board at PNODN. He is also a consultant and author of three recent books, Strategic Organizational Alignment, published in 2016, and Strategic Engagement (Vol I and II), published in 2018. He is first and foremost a practitioner with internal and external experience. He is also a current adjunct faculty at Gonzaga University teaching in the change leadership track, and has held an adjunct faculty position at Saybrook University/Leadership Institute of Seattle and guest faculty at Martin University in Indianapolis.

Chris is an expert in systems thinking applied to the workplace. He uses his unique understanding of systems thinking and authority in the workplace to create organization alignment, implementation structures, and people processes for various forms of organization change. He also develops leadership programs for various clients. His programs utilize a unique industry adapted Skills Training Group (T-Group) as his primary experiential learning method to train leaders to engage their workforce in such a way that builds ownership, alignment and ultimately better business results.


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