August 05, 2020 | 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
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August 5th, 2020 to  November 11th, 2020 

Time: 5 pm - 7pm 

Every 2 weeks a 2-hour class. Scheduled will be provided by 3rd party vendor. 

Location: Virtual | Webinar Style | Instructor-Led

A 14-week online instructor-led program, taught by 120VC Founder J. Scott

30 PDU’s (9 Leadership, 12 Technical, & 9 Strategic)

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What is the PLP?

The world has a ton of management disciplines like Waterfall, Lean, Six Sigma, Agile, Scrum, Dev Ops, Kan Ban and now it’s all about OKR’s. The 120VC Project Leadership Program is a 14-week course that teaches the playbook we have been using for 20 years to complete large global transformational projects for the Fortune 50; regardless of the management discipline, they want us to use. Join us and learn how to lead and achieve effective results regardless of the discipline Du Jour.

 What is 120VC?

We are a transformation leadership firm that is passionate about our mission—to get sh*t done (GSD). We complete global enterprise-wide transformational projects, optimize product pipeline, and stick change initiatives for our clients in a strategic, cost-effective manner with near 100% user adoption on day one.

 WHERE: This course is online instructor-led. Students earn points for completing their assignments by posting short journals in our online collaboration tool. Then students earn additional points for reading and commenting on posts made by other students. Every two weeks there is a live 2-hour web class taught by J. Scott Founder @120VC.

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