Core Project Team

The Project Team is the group of people responsible for the project. This includes planning, execution, and closing as well as decision making or any other activity that is related to the project. Project Team consists of the Project Manager, and a variable number of Project Team members brought in to deliver their tasks according to the project schedule and need.

Explanation of a Core Project Team
The Core Project Team is fully responsible for the day-to-day leadership of the project. This is different than the strategic level guidance that represents the key function of the project steering committee and the key stakeholders like sponsors and directors. This is a subset of the Project Team which is fully engaged throughout the project life cycle. The definition of a Core Project Team vary between projects and even more so between different organizations or even companies. Some places use the term Core Project Team interchangeably with the Project Team, and some places do not use that term at all. Sometimes the project is so small that there would not be a need for a Core Project Team.

Purpose of the Core Project Team
The purpose can be broken down to two main responsibilities:
• Monitoring the progress of each of the key project deliverables.
• Making decisions about project course corrections considering if the project starts being behind schedule, starts going over budget or if major scope changes occur.

A good core team includes key stakeholders who are empowered to represent a part of the overall project (generally defined based upon an organization, or competency, or function they represent). Representing this piece means that a core team member is responsible for providing knowledge from their area of expertise, and for both making and influencing decisions that impact this area of expertise.

To take full advantage of the contribution of Core Project Teams, a number of essentials need to be realized.
• The good news is that the essentials to team success aren’t expensive, they don’t require the large amounts of capital spending or expense money, and they don’t require new overhead development.
• The possibly bad news and the biggest challenge is that the only change needed to be made to implement these essentials to the Core Project Team success is behavior.

There are several essential factors and attributes in creating a successful Core Project Team. The single most important element is having a team that is working together effectively. Collaboration and communication skills are two of the most critical personal skills demanded of all Core Project Team members. Respect, recognition and appreciation of the different roles and contributions of team members is essential. People possessing different requirements for group success have very different behaviors and conflict can be one of the products of the team member interactions. Core Project Team development at the very start of the project can mitigate some of the risks by including training in communication skills, and training in recognition and valuing of the different behaviors, values and personal skills needed for the project success.

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