Engaging Stakeholders and Emotions

Posted by technology on Mar. 22, 2015  /  Communication  /   0

Managing stakeholders or managing stakeholders' engagement? Either way change is involved and with it come high-stakes and emotions. As the latest soft skill to be recognized by PMI, there are interesting examples of just how important this skill can be.

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Tough Conversation

Posted by Mario on Jan. 26, 2015  /  Communication  /   0

We need to talk... uh-oh! Handling conflict is one of the project leader's main responsibilities. Doing this with tact, and with skill can be tricky. Just as with any other skill, learning how to have tough conversations and practicing it, is the key.

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Simple Tips for Successful Presentations

Posted by Hunter on Dec. 21, 2014  /  Communication  /   0

No matter whether you’re presenting to an audience of one or to a crowd of 100, these tried-and-true tips will ensure you’re ready to roll the next time you present.

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