A workshop is an interactive, participatory group exercise. It can be used in a rangeof circumstances, including the evaluation of a project, event or activity. For instance within a project it could be used to either explore what needs doing or, for the purposes of evaluation, understand what happened when and who decided what. Similar to a focus group, the technique can also be used to gauge and compare opinions on a range different aspects, criteria or qualities of a project or activity.

It is an excellent, interactive way to understand different peoples’ opinions and experiences of a project. It is also a useful tool to provide participants with the chance to challenge the agenda set by the project leader; raising new issues and/or asking questions back. Whatever the focus - it can be useful to create some sort of
visual and participatory activity to structure the discussion. Depending on how the session is structured, a workshop can provide a good opportunity to reach a consensus or decision on certain topics or issues (i.e. for
instance a group could be asked to rank or agree on priorities for the direction of or next steps for a project).

Dates and Locations of our workshops are listed on our calendar as events.