Not-For-Profit Alliance


Puget Sound PMI is now offering services to other Professional Organizations to jointly plan events with Project, Program, Portfolio Management speakers, make educational classes available, and market other Chapter offerings at Partner Organization’s networking events.  The Not-For-Profit Partner Alliance Program provides a wide range of services to other Professional Organizations, in the Puget Sound area, to bring awareness and transfer knowledge of Project Management standards and best practices. These services are provided by highly experienced project manager practitioner volunteers whose expertise and skills are matched to the needs of the partner Organization. The types of services offered are generally tailored to the needs of the Partner Organization’s vision, mission and member needs.


Not-For-Profit Partner Alliance Program’s vision is to be looked to for Project, Program and Portfolio Management speakers and event planning to enhance collaboration and create a win-win situation for all participating professional organizations.


Not-For-Profit Partner Alliance Program’s mission is to provide information and tools to Washington State Professional Organizations so they can either attend Puget Sound Project Management Institute (PMI) events or plan their own events, relating to Project, Program and Portfolio Management, and in order to raise awareness of best practices in the profession.

Not-For-Profit Partner Alliance Engagement

If raising awareness of the Project Management profession, standards, and best practices is what your organization needs, please consider our Not-For-Profit Partner Alliance services. We will give you an overview of our Not-For-Profit Partner Alliance Program, review your Organization’s member needs and help identify the right solutions for your Organization.

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