Email Blasts

Timely and Effective Email Communication of our Activities

Our goal for the bi-weekly emails is to share with you the vast array of events that are put on by various PSPMI teams for your benefit. Each event is created to bring value to our members so they can continuously receive educational updates, tips and expand their wealth of knowledge.

Effective communication should generate the desired effect and maintain the effect, with the potential to increase the effect of the message. Therefore, effective communication serves the purpose for which it was planned or designed - i.e give you dates, locations, topics and names of speakers. This then allows you to link to our website for more information to the events and worksops.

We understand you are busy, and when you are busy - you lose track of time and what is happening out there! We hope that these gentle reminders let you stay connected to us and the events we put on for you.

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