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Chapter Mailing List

I'd like to get the word out on a workshop that I think would be of interest to PMI® Puget Sound Chapter members. Could I rent the chapter mailing list?

Privacy issues limit the availability of our chapter mailing list. Networking or marketing at monthly meetings is an alternative option. For more details, please contact VP, Marketing.

Member Roster

Does the chapter have a membership directory?

Privacy limitations and the preference of our members prohibit a published directory.


Do you hold an annual conference where you have vendor tables? If so, how many people come to the conference? When is it? Where is it? How long is it?

At the chapter level, we hold 10 monthly meetings, 3 half-day workshops, and 10 mini-workshops. We also support 1- and 2-day workshops on an infrequent basis. Please contact the VP, Marketing for more information on chapter events.


Who do I contact regarding vendor exhibit possibilities at any events on the schedule?

Please contact the VP, Marketing. Contact information can be found on the PM Resources page.


Is it possible to sponsor one of your monthly meetings at some point in the future?

Currently the chapter does not allow sponsorhip of monthly meetings


I am PMP® certified and a member of the local chapter. I am interested in pursuing my ongoing PDU requirements. How do I get the course numbers to meetings and events I attend?

Look for a link to PDU information as part of event details for each event that qualifies.

Record for PMP® PDUs

I need to locate a record of my PMI® committee memberships, PMP® Instructor activities, etc. Does the chapter have any such record of members' participation?

The Chapter does not maintain individual records. However this site offers members the ability to view events that they have registered for in the membership section

PMP® Preparation

How can I build project management competency at my company?

Encourage employees to join PMI®, and to become certified as a PMP®. If possible, sponsor a table at a Chapter dinner meeting or an upcoming workshop to encourage employee participation. Post PMI® International and Chapter Web site addresses, and encourage employees to research workshops and upcoming events.

Become a PSPMI Ambassador, and become a PM leader at your company.  Learn about the newest PSPMI initiatives and news - email [email protected] for more information.

PM Courses

I am looking for seminars/courses and found one that looks interesting through Cadence. Are you familiar with them or their seminars?

The Chapter remains neutral, to avoid the appearance of preference or sponsorship. The PM Resources, Special Interest and Support Groups, and Training pages offer information on several organizations products and services. Another suggestions is networking within PMI® membership by attending monthly meeting and events.


I've started the PM courses in Canada, and need to find an institution near Bellevue whereby I can continue education towards my PMP® exam. Any suggestions?

Several universities and colleges support degree or certificate programs in Project Management. Going online and searching under 'project management degree' will provide a list of educational opportunities. Another option is networking with members at the next Chapter meeting.

Student Questions

I am a college student interested in Project Management as a career, are there student discounts?

There is a discounted student chapter membership. No discounts are offered on meeting attendance costs.


Can you offer any advice to someone who is looking for careers in Project Management?

Attend meetings, workshops, and consider volunteering. By networking you will meet project managers and learn about the profession.


I am learning about Project Management at college, are there student chapters?

The chapter sponsors one student chapter. Contact VP, Corporate Services.


Where do I find your organization's project management guidelines?

PMI® created the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®) as a project management guide. The PMP®, the premier certification, is based on this guide. Information about PMI is available at


I am writing a college paper. Does the chapter keep representative examples of project management documentation?

The Chapter does not maintain project management documentation. However individual members do. It is important to network within the Chapter community to learn more about Project Management.