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Preparation for the PMP is a hard job. It involves the discipline of study, time away from the family and the juggling of responsibilities. Getting started is often the hardest step and having a group of people doing the same thing as you in which you can participate is invaluable. Our chapter wants to help you achieve your certification in every way possible. Building certification is builiding credibility, credibility for yourself and credibility for your profession.

PMP Study Groups Downloads


to assist PMP applicants in capturing their work experience (MS Excel document)

Services Offered

1. Sample tests and web sites where they can be found. The following are some sites where you can find this information: and Or try typing in "free PMP exam questions" in Google.

2. Study Group Coordination - If you want to start a study group, or you have one going or want to join one, please let us know. We will make every attempt to link you with people like ourselves. Send us your name, where you live (so we can place you close if possible) and when you want to start.

3. Study Group Outline - If you don't know how to get started (how the format and content of your meetings should go) we have some ideas that may be useful. We have outlines of materials and complete guides for study. Please continue to visit this site. We will publish study guides and outlines here for downloading.

4. Mentoring Services - Several PMI Members have offered to act as tutors or mentors to either individuals or groups. Let us know if you need this kind of service and we'll contact our volunteers.
How it really was- People are also available to talk, in general, about the exam, what kind of experience it was like, how they studied, etc.

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